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Top Comic Book Subscription Boxes for Superhero Lovers

Superhero Lovers

No matter what comic universe, each one has its mass fan following. Comic books and graphic novels from around the world are circulated all over for global readers. Getting a subscription box for your favourite comic book can make it easy to collect all the editions as well as get the comics delivered to your home. Here are the subscription boxes that you can choose from to get your regular comic dose along with other goodies and collectables.


ComicBoxer provides shipping from Canada to almost all major countries around the world. It is the best choice for all age groups which delivers handpicked monthly boxes of five or more comics. The box gets neatly packed with comics, goodies on special offers, and even signed comic.


Comic Mystery Box

This subscription box delivers a package of 15 comic books of your favourite characters. It can include new as well as vintage comics in best conditions. The service is available only within the US, and the shipping is done in 2-4 days after you place an order.


ComicCrate delivers boxes that have uniquely selected comic books for all ages. Each box contains six new comic books handpicked by experienced comic book readers. The comics feature popular characters that have something for the taste of every kid. The shipping is available only in the US.


A good subscription box for collectors and die-hard comic fans. ComicRealm is affordable and delivers five handpicked comics in the box which are guaranteed double the price of the box. You will be surprised by the available variety with your favourite DC and Marvel characters to the best Mangas. It offers worldwide shipping within a week of order after the 19th of each month.

Superhero Lovers

Comics Fan Box

It is a choice for many comic geeks as it offers an online shop to pick your favourite genres, from manga to action or horror, and delivers three brand new editions of comics. The box may also contain a fan letter, free comic, artwork, and other mystery items. It ships boxes around the world from the US after every 6th of the month.

Superhero Crate

A comic book subscription dedicated to superhero lovers that contain comics for all age groups. Super Hero Crate offers two options for subscription under a friendly budget. You also receive limited edition t-shirts, two boarded and bagged comic books or graphic novels, and other goodies such as action figures, stickers, and collectables. The shipping is done worldwide from the US every first Friday of the month.

The Comic Garage

It is a great subscription box to be gifted to a comic fan to build their collection. You can choose between SuperBox and Ultimate Box to pick 10 or 24 premium comic books. The collection contains the latest editions as well as Vintage collections in a smart mix. You can even select your favourite characters to narrow down your expectations. The shipping is only available in the US in 2-4 days of ordering.


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