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The Best Comic Book Video Games

Video Games

Comic book adaptations not only click well on the silver screen, but they also manage to make heads spin by arriving as Video games. Over the past, numerous game developers have brought forward the rights to some of these books to go ahead and make video games. By looking into its reception and acceptance, one can understand that the world seems to be enjoying all of it. That brings us to our main question, which among them can be considered to be the best? Well, here’s a list of some of the best comic book video games.

1. Injustice Gods Among Us

njustice Gods Among Us

Bringing the Dark Knight to this platform was not something new, but this particular game tends to go up on the list. Be it the plot or the insane graphics, Injustice Gods Among Us was a visual treat. Soon after positive reviews began to spread, people couldn’t prevent themselves from buying the same. Apart from comic book heads, gamers, in general, fell in love with this game. The different layers that it places to its characters is another part of the game that receives massive appreciation from all corners of the gaming community.

2. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of those games that promote you to have a thrilling experience. Through time, you tend to fall in love with the characters and try to beat the different obstacles that it places ahead of you. Every single minute detail is captured towards perfection and everything heads in the right direction. So once you’re done with Batman, you can head over to The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

If the movie managed to disappoint you, then you need to be aware that the game is quite different. The developers had more time with the game, and thus, they brought out a spectacle. Great Combat and fun action scenes cover most of the game, making it an essential choice for all gamers. So if you were worried about the money that you spent over the movie, then flush that disappointment with this beautiful game. (leaving aside Logan)

4. Deadpool

You need immense talent and the ability to create something different if you’re planning on having the name Deadpool over your game. Well, that is precisely what erupted with this game since it brings onboard fun and action of all measures. Although it may not be as fun as the movie, the game still holds a unique ground. Once the movie came out and changed the world, people realised that this adaptation could work anywhere and everywhere, if you have the right creators. Hence, that puts an end to our list of some of the best comic book video games.

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