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Most Popular Subscription Boxes for Readers [ALL TIME]


There are few things a bookworm enjoys more than tuning out the rest of the world and curling up with a good book. To make it easier for bookworms everywhere to further explore their hobby while giving them more opportunities to get lost between pages, we’ve put together a list of the best subscription boxes for readers.

We’re grateful for you taking a break from your latest reading adventure to see what boxes could soon be waiting for you at your door.

Once Upon a Book Club

Cost: Starts at $32.50 per month

*Ships worldwide from the U.S.

Once Upon a Book Club is a unique subscription box in that it invites book lovers to be a part of an active online community. Each month subscribers are given a box that is crafted around a newly released adult or YA book. Subscribers receive a brand-new book, a quote card, and several adoringly-wrapped gifts marked with page numbers.

Each gift is meant to be opened once the specified pages are reached. You can go on this reading adventure alone or you can share your adventure with virtual book club members. It’s the perfect subscription box for a reader who wants to enjoy a new book each month with a little extra something to go along with it.

Books & Treasures

Cost: Starts at $7.33 per month

*Ships worldwide from the U.S.

Books & Treasures is a subscription box available in adult, kids, and YA genres. With this subscription, you can add to your personal collection of books while enjoying the various goodies that are delivered along with each book. You can customize your subscription to include only books of a certain genre and choose how many extras you’d like delivered each month.

With this subscription box, you’ll feel like you have a true treasure waiting at your door each month.

Chocolate and Book

Cost: Starts at £14.67 GBP per month

*Ships worldwide from the U.K.

The only thing better than a good book is a good book with a warm drink and some rich chocolate. Chocolate and Book is the monthly subscription box that can give you exactly that.

Each month, Chocolate and Book will arrive on your doorstep looking like an elegant gift just waiting to be unwrapped. Each box contains one wrapped book from the genre of your choice, a bookmark, and a note about that month’s book. Also included are a mix to make a delicious hot beverage and a bar of decadent chocolate or biscuit.

You may be surprised by how much you look forward to this box every month. It’s truly the perfect way to satisfy your craving for an imaginary adventure and a sweet treat.

The Book Drop

Cost: Starts at $7.83 per month

*Ships worldwide from the U.S.

If you tend to gravitate more toward the “hidden gems” rather than the best-sellers, The Book Drop is the right subscription box for you. This book-of-the-month club is less extravagant and more about sharing lesser-known books. There are eight different subscription options to choose from. You will receive one book per month along with a few little extras. It’s far from over-the-top, but it’s the perfect way to treat yourself to a little something each month.

Coffee and a Classic

Cost: $39.89 per month

*Ships worldwide from the U.S.

Coffee and a warm beverage. Does a better pair even exist? Coffee and a Classic is a subscription box that celebrates this match made in heaven and delivers it to bookworms across the globe.

Coffee and a Classic pairs classic non-fiction, fiction, or children’s stories with delectable brews. The Starter subscription treats bookworms to one new hardcover book, a bookmark, a delicious beverage, and two book-themed items each month. For a little more, you can opt for the Standard Box which will give you all that as well as a mug and a sweet treat.

If you are a lover of all things books and coffee, this subscription box is the one for you.


Cost: $29.95 every other month

*Ships worldwide

Boxwalla is a subscription box that makes it easy for readers to explore classics and new releases that follow noteworthy worldly themes. This bi-monthly subscription gives readers a way to read through some of the best that literature has to offer, without having to pick through a number of different titles themselves.

If you are ready to explore our world through the stories that await you, take the leap and sign up for Boxwalla.


Cost: Starts at $33.25 per month

*Ships worldwide from the U.S.

Unplugged is a book box that follows a seasonally inspired, self-care theme. The idea behind this subscription box is that you should take a step back from modern technology and focus on a good book instead. It’s better for your mental health to unplug and focus on something else for a change, if even for just a short while.

Each month, Unplugged delivers 4-6 book-themed self-care or novelty gifts, unique activities that will help you unplug and focus on yourself, self-care tools that help you to reflect and feel more grateful, and one new release YA or adult fiction book per month. The boxes contain either adult or young adult books.

Whether you purchase this subscription box for yourself or for someone else, you will likely find that it gives you the push you needed to unplug and take better care of your mental health.

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