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Most Popular Subscription Boxes We Export To Japan

For gamers, their passion extends well beyond the consoles. Gaming is a lifestyle for millions of people, so it’s no wonder that gaming subscription boxes are such a hit. There is a heavy demand from our friends in Japan, so we’ve compiled a list of the best subscription boxes that we frequently export to Japan.

To enhance your gaming experience and give yourself something to look forward to each month, consider signing up for one of the subscription boxes mentioned below.

Info For Casino Players

We have noticed a surprisingly high interest among the pandemic and most of our Japanese customers are asking us if we have any casino games in stock. This is not something we currently provide. For such games we recommend open gaming society (日本) as a trusted source for online casinos. Or the brand new but trusted site Casinoninja, which only focuses on the Japanese market.
As of late 2020, we have noticed the same trend catching onto casinos in new zealand as well.

Pachinko Casino Game

Loot Gaming

Cost: $28.95 per month

The Loot Crate family offers several monthly subscription boxes, including Loot Gaming. Loot Gaming is a monthly box that contains collectibles, apparel, and accessories inspired by some of the best and most popular video games. Each box also comes with a booklet and a pin.

Each box has a theme and a total value of $60 per box. If you are a fan of the classics as well as new releases, you’ll want to give this box a try.

JerkyXP Gamer Pack

Cost: Starts at $19.99 a month

If you’re spending hours in front of your screen trying to win the jackpot on your favorite casino site or beat the next level on your console game of choice, you’re going to need fuel to keep you going. With a JerkyXP subscription, you get up to nine packs of jerky each month, as well as stickers, shirts, wristbands, gaming accessories, and other neat items.

Each Gamer Pack subscription you receive enters you for a chance to win XPansionPack, which is a monthly giveaway of over $1,000 worth of gaming accessories.

Elder Scrolls Crate

Cost: $49.99 per quarter

Elder Scrolls Crate is another box from the Loot Crate family of subscriptions. A subscription to the Elder Scrolls Crate will give you 4-6 items inspired by the characters, locales, and lore from The Elder Scrolls. Each box is valued at over $80.


Cost: $32.50

GeekGear is a subscription box that contains gear any geek or gamer can get excited about. The contents of each box are worth 2-3 times the cost of the box and follow a theme. You never know what you’re going to get but you can be sure it’s gear worth getting excited about.

My Geek Box

Cost: Starts at $19.99 a month

This UK-based subscription gives you as many as three boxes per month. Each box contains various unique items gamers will love. Each mystery box has a fun theme and is filled with gear and a limited-edition shirt. Themes include everything from zombies to superheroes to satisfy your craving for anything geeky.

Dungeon Crate

Cost: Stars at $35.95 a month

If you are a fan of board games and tabletop RPGs, the Dungeon Crate is the subscription box for you. The Dungeon Crate is inspired by the ultra-popular Dungeons and Dragons game. Each box contains surprises that are specifically designed to improve your game, on and off the table. Subscribe to enjoy monthly boxes full of game accessories, modules, dice, terrain pieces, miniatures, dice bags, monthly codes, and more.


Cost: Starts at $19.99 per month

ZBOX is an awesome subscription box that combines pop culture and gamer merchandise to give subscribers the ultimate monthly package. Each box contains an exclusively designed shirt as well as up to seven items that are related to your favorite games, comic books, movies, and more.

Geek Fuel

Cost: $57 a quarter

Geek Fuel is a subscription box perfect for geeks and gamers alike. Each box is worth at least twice what it costs. You can expect each delivery to contain T-shirts, hoodies, comics, accessories and more that are inspired by comics, games, and pop culture. The boxes even feature T-shirts from vintage titles like Castlevania.

Mine Chest

Cost: $30 per month

MineCraft lovers rejoice! Mine Chest is the subscription box for you. Each month, subscribers get a box loaded with exclusive MineCraft apparel, toys, and collectibles. With this box, you can bring your favorite game to life each month.

Retro Game Treasure

Cost: $29 per month

Have you been feeling nostalgic lately? Do you wish you could relive the classic games from years ago? Retro Game Treasure is a subscription box that makes your dream a reality. Subscribers get 3-5 retro consoles to keep and enjoy as you please.

Mario’s Mystery Block

Cost: $24.99 per month

Nintendo has been making epic games for decades. Mario is perhaps the most recognized Nintendo character, and Mario’s Mystery Block will soon be your favorite monthly surprise. Each box contains some of the best licensed products from Nintendo, including clothing, toys, and accessories. The contents of each box are unknown until you’re able to open it, so prepare yourself for some pretty great loot!

The Bam! Box

Cost: $26.99 per month

The Bam! Box is one of the most unique subscription boxes on our list because each box contains at least one authentic celebrity autograph. Subscribers can also expect movie prop replicas, exclusive fan-art, and exclusive comic books. You can choose to receive a Pop Culture Box, a Horror Box, or a hybrid of the two.

With each subscription comes a membership to the online trading community where you can interact with other Bam! Box subscribers.

The Nick Box

Cost: $49.99 per quarter

If you grew up with your eyes glued to Nickelodeon, you’ll appreciate The Nick Box. This subscription box focuses on retro Nickelodeon products to remind you of some of the best shows and characters from your childhood. You can expect a lot of great goodies each quarter, including shirts and even shoes in some boxes.

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